Greetings and Information for UCSB Students

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year!

For decades the Physics Circus has been a wonderful opportunity for UCSB students to creatively express anything that animates us about physics, in joyful connection with the children of this land! As a UCSB student you can contribute to our outreach efforts here and now from wherever you are! Jean and George are delighted to support you in this endeavor.

Our library of online content is evolving, and volunteers are encouraged to add new home experiments!

If you are not yet a member of our email list, you are invited to email Joe at crowley@ucsb.edu and join our activities.

UCSB undergraduates and graduate students have the option to register for 1 unit of UCSB Physics credit each academic quarter for volunteering for the circus. The graduate level class is Phys 260J (graduate students can enroll directly via GOLD). Undergraduates can enroll in the same graduate class, with permission of the instructor. More information on Phys 260J will be available at the start of Fall 2023. You also have the option to contribute from and for the kindness of your heart, and nothing will be missing!